Makson Fab Tech Pvt.Ltd. has been supplying and erecting steel since our inception. Their professional staff, quality of work and customer service is outstanding and very much valued. We've done numerous projects together, both large and small, and have formed a great relationship. Regardless of the size or difficulty of the project, they provide us with great pricing, timely and accurate shop drawings with quick deliveries.

Amit Makwana

Makson Sheet Metal Fabrication Pvt. Ltd.

We have hired Makson Fab Tech Pvt.Ltd on numerous projects over the years: Schools, multi-family residences and college buildings.They have always completed quality work and have been responsive to our schedules. 0n every undertaking, from small projects requiring a few miscellaneous metal items, to large buildings with structural steel, Makson Fab Tech Pvt.Ltd give the same great service and exhibited a willingness to work together.

Tarang Savaliya

Samay infraspace Pvt. Ltd.

Major Fabrications are our preferred supplier for steel fabrication work due to their ability to produce quality work, on time, and at the right price. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Mr. Nikunj

Aadarsh infraspace Pvt. Ltd.

As a market leader in our field, our work load is always increasing which tests our skills and adaptability in all areas of the workplace. A volatile market has seen us cutting lead times of spare parts to meet target dates but without compromising quality and design. We therefore had to find a metalwork supplier willing to have an open book relationship with us and who was adaptable and flexible enough to cater to our urgent needs particular in seasons e.g. harvesting. Makson Fab Tech Pvt.Ltd have proved that they are able to react to any situation that, once committed, can be relied on to meet all necessary deadlines and quality requirements. Our relationships with Major Fabrication enable us to have a good working understanding, and they can be relied upon to deliver their promises.

Harshad Panchal

V-Mac FabTech.